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Do you want to beat your depression?
Hypnotherapy can help when you feel blue.

Specialist hypnotherapy and coaching in Spalding, Lincolnshire and online. 

Why you feel down - and how to finally find your happiness again. 

If you've been diagnosed with clinical depression, and are struggling with your mental health, or feeling suicidal, you need help faster than hypnotherapy can provide it.

Please contact your GP, your crisis team, NHS 111 or 999.

Are you feeling "a bit blue"?

Feeling a bit down and out of sorts - without actually having clinical depression - is very common.


Many people find themselves living in a grey world where everything feels like too much effort, including looking after their physical or mental health.


Even though from the outside they appear to be a success, inside they feel low and blue and have a sense of sadness they just can't seem to shake.

Many people feel "a bit down".

It's hardly a surprise that many people feel like this.


The world outside has become more confrontational, polarised and frightening. It can seem like everyone is angry.


And our personal lives feel precarious; people often feel insecure in their jobs, with the constant threat of redundancy or outsourcing.


Even if your job feels secure, there never seems to be enough money any more, and there is the gnawing fear about how to pay the bills.


How can anyone feel happy with all this going on?

Some people feel they are not allowed to be happy.

Maybe you think “I can’t feel happy when my friend has lost her job”.


Perhaps you have found yourself thinking “I can’t have a good day when my friend’s mother has died”.


That if someone else is having a tough time, it’s wrong for you to actually be okay.


Or perhaps you believe that if you allow yourself to be happy, you will somehow lose everything.


That if you allow themselves to feel pleased, Fate will come along and take it all away.

Do you tell people you're just "preparing for the worst"?

Lots of people find some kind of comfort in “preparing for the worst” and “hoping for the best”.


They say “well, if I prepare for the worst, and it doesn’t happen, I’ll be okay”.


But when you “prepare for the worst”, your brain imagines it all happening. All the misery, sadness, fear and regret - your powerful imagination whizzes through it all at high speed.


You don’t use your imagination in the same way when you “hope for the best”. It’s just not what your brain does.


So instead, you just imagine horrible things happening, again and again. It saps your motivation, steals your joy and of course, means you can’t feel happy about anything.


No one wonder you feel blue.

How to finally feel happy.

For many people, feeling happy isn’t automatic.

It needs to be worked at, just like muscles aren’t strong until you exercise them for a while.


And just like doing a new exercise, you need to be shown how to strengthen your ability to feel happy, and it will feel strange and uncomfortable for a while.


But then it will feel great. As a hypnotist and coach, I can teach you how to allow yourself to feel happy.


For other people, happiness is tied to feelings of guilt and shame and low self-esteem.


They believe they don’t deserve to feel happy - that they can’t feel happy - when there is sadness for others.


These people sometimes call themselves an “empath”, and feel they have too much empathy.


If this is you, you need to learn how to separate yourself from others, and build up your own sense of self-worth for who you are, not for what you can give others.


I can help you do this using hypnosis and coaching.

So if you’re ready to allow yourself to be happy, you finally can be!


Want me to help you feel happy again?

You're welcome to book appointments one at a time.
Appointments cost £99 and last about one and a half hours.

People generally feel noticeably better after one appointment, and feel maximum benefits after two appointments.

How you can have hypnotherapy with Vic at Fantastic Day

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