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Scared of needles?
Hypnotherapy can help you with your needle phobia.

Specialist hypnotherapy and coaching in Spalding, Lincolnshire and online. 

It's "just a sharp scratch", so why are you so scared?

Fear of needles and injections are common, but if needle fears are risking your health, Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy can help you!

Does the thought of a needle fill you with dread?

Are you avoiding medical treatment because you can’t face the injection?


Cancelling blood tests because you can’t stand the feeling of the needle in your arm?


Or are you needing to take your child for their injections and you’re too scared even though they’re getting the injection, not you?


It’s one of those fears that people laugh about, but it can have very real consequences.

Fear of needles can sometimes be from a bad childhood experience.

Fear of needles and fear of injections can sometimes come from memories of unpleasant experiences with injections as a child.


Whether it’s at the doctors, school or the dentist, children have a lot of injections which are often treated as a “jab” - there’s very little time available or thought given to making the child feel comfortable or at ease.


Combined with anxious and worried parents, it’s hardly a surprise when these bad childhood experiences turn us into needle-phobic adults.

Sometimes a needle fear can be because of the physical sensation.

Some people are more sensitive than others.

They can feel the coldness of the needle in their arm.


Some people struggle with the sensation of the needle moving around in their arm during a blood test.

This can be even worse if the doctor or nurse has to keep trying different veins to get enough blood.


Having blood taken can make some people feel faint and sick - especially if they were anxious to begin with.

The fear of fainting then makes their anxiety even worse and they feel even more like they’re going to faint.


It can just feel easier not to bother and hope that nothing is really wrong.

Sometimes a needle phobia can be a symptom of something bigger.

For some people, fear of needles can actually be part of a bigger issue like health anxiety.


They avoid having blood taken in case it shows there is something wrong - a fear of needles is just a cover for their health anxiety.

After all, if you don’t have the blood test, you can’t hear any bad news.


Some people have made an unconscious connection between injections and illness as a child, and this has led to them being scared of needles as an adult.

How to manage a needle phobia.

For simple fears of needles, there are some techniques that can help you manage your fear.


Let your medical professional know that you have a fear of needles or injections. They may be able to allow more time for your appointment, meaning you may not feel as anxious.


Making sure you are well-hydrated and the area where the needle will be inserted is warm can make taking a blood sample more comfortable.


Practising breathing techniques may help keep you calm.


For more deep rooted fears and phobias of needles and injections, hypnotherapy is a quick, simple and effective way of tackling your fear of needles.

Want me to help you manage your fear of needles?

You're welcome to book appointments one at a time.
Appointments cost £99 and last about one and a half hours.

Fear and phobia of needles can often be dealt with in one appointment but more complex cases may need two or more appointments.

How you can have hypnotherapy with Vic at Fantastic Day

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