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Wondering if I'm as good as I say I am? 
Read genuine testimonials from my coaching 

and hypnotherapy clients.

A drawing of a hot air ballon from Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy in Spalding


Many children require quite extensive dental work, whether it's braces or extractions to allow for adult teeth to come through properly. As an adult, we can rationalise away the pain and discomfort with thoughts about the future, but for children, this can be much harder, and it can seem like the more we push, the more the child resists going.


When one younger teenager was struggling with going to the dentist, they came to see me (with a parent), and we worked through their concerns. Some time later, I received a delighted message - my lovely young client had managed multiple injections and extractions! Yes, there had been a few tears, but nothing that couldn't be handled. 

I frequently tell my clients that I can't hypnotise them or change their beliefs that will mean they'll enjoy something that isn't enjoyable (no matter what the stage hypnotists appear to show) - but we can make things that were seemingly unbearable manageable. 


We can't control everything. A series of very unfortunate events had come together for this lovely client over a number of years and had culminated in them feeling too anxious to be able to drive except for very short, specific trips. 


Fear of driving in older people can be linked to changes in the eye itself; as the cornea and retina age, they're unable to adapt to the sudden, fast focus shits that are required for driving, which can result in fractionally blurred vision and an inability to focus, which in turn gives rise to a sense of anxiety and unease. 


But P was young, and this was not their issue, and they were fed up of missing out and having to rely on others, especially with a lovely car that was sat waiting to go places!


So P came to see me. They were an awesome client who out aside initial skepticism and worked hard in their session. And then next day, they sent me pictures of their car out and about, happily driving places. I am absolutely delighted for P, who has got their freedom and independence back. What a delight it was to help!

Afraid of driving? This client was - but then she saw Vic and wasn't!


A casual conversation with a State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy client led to a life long fear of spiders being dealt with in just 16 minutes! I can't promise this for everyone, but it goes to show what can be achieved if you really want to let go of your fear!


D had found themselves struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder which had been affecting their life for some time. They’d been given medication which had helped to a degree, and sought counselling through the NHS which had not been quite so helpful.


D was open-minded and approached hypnotherapy with a sense of curiosity.


We worked together for a session, and  I was delighted to receive an email from them saying that they had “been finding it easier today with finding I’ve got less battles going on in my head, and I do feel more relaxed. I would like to thank you for helping me and I will definitely come back if I need to” - although my genuine hope is that D won’t need to!


Like many people, L had deep rooted issues around food that had been around a long time, that could be traced right back to childhood.

Although we discussed some of what had happened in the past, there was no need to constantly rake over them like some talk therapies require clients to.

Instead, we work with their unconscious mind, and made some pretty powerful changes.

Here's what L told me only a couple of days later: "I went to Vic for help with my weight loss. I was apprehensive about being hypnotised but I shouldn't have been. Vic was so friendly and explained the process fully. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. The early signs are all positive."

I saw how much work L put into their session (hypnosis can be hard work for the client sometimes) - I've no doubt they'll reach their goal with ease!


A mid-life crisis might be a cliche, but studies show that middle age can be some of the most difficult and unhappy times in our lives. And it's no wonder; it's the time when we often find ourselves starting to deal with more serious illnesses, careers can often be a worry and family issues can come to the fore as children grow up and leave home.

S was feeling pretty emotionally run down with events that had gone on in their life, and had sought help from the NHS and Talking Therapies but found themselves pushed from pillar to post and getting no relief. So they came to see me, despite being unsure if there was any help that could be offered.

The session for S was difficult, there was a lot to work through, and I wasn't surprised when I got an email saying that they didn't feel great shortly afterwards. Feeling a little low after a session can happen.

Here's what S sent me a few days later:

"I think I spent four days after the session feeling very deflated and empty. By Friday I started to feel more upbeat. Now a week on my confidence has returned, I've booked nights out, been more motivated around the house and with healthy eating. Some of the things I worried about don't even cross my mind any more or as much. Whatever you got me to do has had a huge impact in such a short space of time! I cannot thank you enough!"


J. had been struggling with pain. Years earlier they had been involved in a car accident which had left them with some paralysis. Recently they'd started to suffer back pain for which there was no physical cause. It was leaving them feel down as well as in pain.

They were worried as they'd been told they were not a good hypnotic subject by another therapist, but I know that's often just a line used by therapists who are unable to affect change - blame the client!

J. and I worked together with their unconscious mind to find what the pain was about, and what J. could do to resolve the pain. We had one session together.

Here's what J told me a few weeks later: "I just wanted to check in and let you know that my back pain is much better! I've also been doing more things that give me that feeling of fun."

I worked with J remotely, which just goes to show how the change can happen whenever you close your eyes.


JT came to see for another issue, and casually mentioned that they had struggled to take swallow tablets for a long time.
Difficulty swallowing tablets sounds trivial but it can actually be quite serious, especially if you need to take regular medication or supplements (which often come in large capsules).

I used IEMT with JT's issues around tablets which removed the problem. We tested it together in my studio with a very big cod liver oil tablet - and they were delighted to discover they could swallow it with no issues!

Here's what JT told me later: "Less than 5 minutes. That's all it took for Vic to help me swallow tablets! I used to struggle with the tiny ones getting stuck down my throat because I'd swallow so fast in a state of panic. She used her magic on me, next thing I know I'm swallowing a HUGE cod liver oil tablet with ease! Incredible is all I must say there! Vic has helped me work through several things and I'm so excited for the days to come as I saw changes in my first session with her! She is just amazing. Thank you Vic!"


D came to see me on my weight loss with hypnosis programme. For many clients, weight and food are huge issues, and by the time people come to see me, they have often tried and failed and tried and failed to lose weight so many times that the whole issue is toxic.

I feel very privileged to be able to help these clients.

One of the techniques we used together was a hypnotic gastric band, where clients discover that they can feel full after eating just half of the normal amount they would eat.

Here's what D told me later: "I am so excited to say that I am eating one whole half, and experiencing the tightness of my whole half of my usual yogurts sitting on my desk, as is one whole half of my sandwich (very healthy) one whole half a bag of crisps (quavers) and I haven't wanted my muesli bar...."


Life can be difficult sometimes and it can seem like troubles come all at once. R had been going through a rough spot for some time, and although they'd done really well, they were finding it difficult to feel at peace. Too many worries, at all once.

R came to see me for one session where we worked on some of their issues from the past. R didn't need to tell me what had happened to them, because I work "content free" which means they didn't need to share their story - they just had to be ready to let go of the pain.


Here's what R wrote about their time with me later: "for the first time I can't remember how long my head is quite and by this I mean when you're standing next to a busy road and you can hear noise, the traffic, the cars, people talking, engines ticking over by you can't pick out one sound, it's all just a mix of sound. That's my head, every single second of every day, and today...nothing, it's just so peaceful and calm."


S was going through a stressful time, like lots of people do. But just because something's common doesn't mean you have to put up with it. S and I worked together to help them let go of issues.


Here's what they told me later: "I'm still feeling relaxed and on the way home I drove with the top down on my car which I wouldn't normally do until the summer, I feel so invigorated afterwards."

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