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Fixed-Wing Glider

Too scared to get on a plane and fly away?
Beat your fear of flying with Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy.

Specialist hypnotherapy and coaching in Spalding, Lincolnshire and online. 

Flying is the safest way to travel, so why are you so scared?

Fear of flying is common, but if it's stopping you from living your life, Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy can help.

Do you just know your plane is going to crash?

Acrophobia - fear of flying - can take lots of different forms.

Some people who have fear of flying can just about manage to get on an airplane, but find themselves worrying for days or even weeks before you travel.

It might be that you feel uncomfortable and anxious on a plane, and spend the whole flight worrying about the different noises and sounds during the flight.

Or perhaps you can get on a plane if you take some tablets or have a few beers before you get on board.

In severe cases of fear of flying, you might not be able to get on a plane at all…because you just know your plane will crash if you get on it.

Fear of flying isn't always just about flying.

It’s not always a fear of the plane crashing that leads to a fear of flying; although it’s not uncommon for people to get anxious about flying after a difficult or turbulent flight.


You might be scared of being in a confined place - that you’re trapped on the plane till it lands.


It might be that you’re unable to cope with not being in control.


Perhaps you’re scared of being ill away from home, or what might happen if you’re away from places you know.

Friends and family can find it hard to understand.

They tell you that flying is the safest way to travel.


Or that there’s more chance of dying in a car crash on the way to the airport.


That turbulence is perfectly safe, it’s just pockets of air.


Or that the wings really can’t fall off, and that there’s back up engines, and planes can glide for a long time without any engines at all!


But it just doesn’t make you feel any better.


You just can’t manage the plane flight, even though part of you really really wants to.

Your fear of flying can affect everyone.

Maybe it’s your partner who would love to go abroad with you but you can’t.


Or perhaps it’s your children that would love to go to Disneyland in America, but you can’t.


It might be that you have family or friends who live in Australia or other far flung places, and you can’t go and see them.


Perhaps it’s just that you’d love to see the world for yourself, rather than through your TV screen…but it seems impossible because you can’t handle the flying.

How to manage fear of flying.

Some people's fear is based on misunderstanding how a plane works.

These people can find exposure courses - where they are taken on a "guided flight" with specially trained pilots and staff - useful.


Other people decide to try and cope using medication.

Maybe travel-sickness tablets, beta-blockers or even diazepam

This can help some people, although won't deal with the cause of the fear, or the panic between booking the flight and travel.


Some people use alcohol to try and calm their nerves.

This can make you tired, but heighten your fear and anxiety.


Hypnotherapy is a quick, easy and effective way of dealing with a fear or phobia of flying. I can't guarantee that you'll love flying - but you'll certainly be able to get on the plane without fear!

Want me to help you break free of your fear of flying?

You're welcome to book appointments one at a time.
Appointments cost £99 and last about one and a half hours.

Flight specific fear can often be dealt with in one appointment but more complex anxieties may need two or more appointments.

How you can have hypnotherapy with Vic at Fantastic Day

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