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Struggling with toxic relationships?
Hypnotherapy from Fantastic Day, Spalding can help!

Specialist hypnotherapy and coaching in Spalding, Lincolnshire and online. 

Why you keep having toxic relationships - and how to escape them for good.

Was your last partner just as horrible as all your other partners?

Maybe you're stuck in a toxic relationship cycle.


If you’re currently in a violent, coercive or controlling relationship that you need to escape, please call the police on 999, Refuge on 0808 2000 247 (for women) or Respect on 0808 8010 327 (for men).

Are you finding it difficult to get over a toxic relationship?

Your friends are all telling you that splitting with your ex was the best thing for you.


But you can’t stop thinking about them, and all you want is to patch things up and give it another go.

Maybe even for the tenth or even twentieth time, even though you know deep down it’s bad for you.


This behaviour can go on for years; splitting up and getting back together again and again.

It’s driving you crazy because you know you deserve better.

Staying in a toxic relationship is very common.

Most toxic relationships aren’t toxic all the time.

Maybe they shouted at you.

Maybe they hit you.

Maybe they cheat on you.

And just as you get ready to leave; they tell you that they are sorry, and they love you, and they spoil you, and the world is beautiful again.

All your friends tell you that your partner isn’t going to change…but you just can’t leave them.

You're addicted to your toxic partner.

Your toxic relationship is like gambling.


If you always lost at cards, you would eventually stop playing and walk away.

But if you win sometimes, even if it’s only a little amount, even if it’s less than what you’ve lost…you’ll keep playing.


Your relationship with your toxic partner is the same.

If they are always awful, it’s easy to walk away.

But when you never know if they’re going to be nasty or nice, you get to keep hoping that they’ll be nice this time.


You’ll keep playing, just like the gambler keeps gambling.

Science shows us why toxic relationships are so appealing.

A famous behaviourist, B.F. Skinner, did some experiments on animals that showed just this kind of thing happening.


Dogs and cats that got rewards sometimes tried hard than dogs and cats that got rewards every time.


Just like Fido or Tiddles, you’re responding to the uncertainty by trying harder to make things work, in the hope that this time it will be different.


But running back to a toxic ex-partner, time after time, is no way to live.

That’ll lead to a very unhappy life.

How to finally break free of your toxic ex - for good.

For some people, breaking free of their toxic ex-partner requires building up self-esteem and self-confidence that has been broken down over a course of bad relationships.


You need to see and feel that you genuinely deserve better. This can be hard to achieve alone, although not impossible.


As a hypnotist, I can help you realise your own self-worth and respect yourself again.


For other people, breaking their toxic ex’s spell means finally seeing what is happening. These people have learnt to minimise the bad times and exaggerate the good times, putting themselves in a virtual trance where they simply can't see the bad elements of their ex-partners.


If this is you, as a hypnotist, I can help you break free of the trance that you’ve put yourself in so you can finally be free.


And for other people, well, they’ve grown up with bad relationships and think this is just how it is. It’s what they know from childhood.


If this is you, I’ll use my hypnotic expertise to help that younger you realise how healthy relationships actually look, so you can have them as an adult…now.


Want me to help you with your toxic relationship issues?

You're welcome to book appointments one at a time.
Appointments cost £80 and last about one and a half hours.

Appointments are booked on a one-by-one basis, but a difficult past may require multiple appointments.

How you can have hypnotherapy with Vic at Fantastic Day

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