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Want to build better work relationships?
Hypnotherapy from Fantastic Day, Spalding can help!

Specialist hypnotherapy and coaching in Spalding, Lincolnshire and online. 

Do you struggle with work colleagues and professional relationships?

For many people, professional relationships can be harder to navigate than romantic ones.

Life isn't easy at the bottom of the heap.

If you're on the lower rungs of the ladder at work - either through choice or circumstance, life can be hard. You might not be in charge of anyone, but you're still important, it's just you don't get treated that way.


You can see what's going on, you have ideas to make things better, but no one listens and it might even be that your boss treats like you're an idiot.


It's you who has to deal with the mess when everything goes wrong, but no one listens to you, and that makes you mad.

It's definitely not a bed of roses at the top of the tree, either.

If you're in a position of authority at work, it likely took you a lot of time and effort to get there. It was really hard work - but no one seems to listen to you or respect you, and you don't know why.


You're a nice person, and you don't want to make people's lives difficult, but you're in charge. You've tried telling them what to do nicely, but no one listens, and you've tried ordering people, but that doesn't seem to work either.

And now you don't know what to do.

Being in the middle might be the hardest place of all.

If you're in the middle, it can seem the like worst deal of all.


You have to take all the daft ideas from higher up, and try to sell them to the people below.

And you have to deal with all the anger and resentment from the people below, and make it into something that is actionable (and acceptable!) to the higher ups.

All these headaches and hassles, and no one ever says thank you. It's no wonder you feel stressed, anxious and unappreciated.

How to improve your work and professional relationships.

Improving your work relationships isn't easy but it can be done.


The first step is to put aside any negative feelings about how you have been treated in the past and focus on the future and present.


The second step is to actually hear what people are saying. Communication skills are difficult and people will often only hear what they want to hear - which is not the same as what is being said. You'll also need to be able to explain yourself clearly, in a way people can understand.


All of this can be tricky - but coaching and hypnotherapy can help.

Want me to help you improve your professional relationships?

You're welcome to book appointments one at a time.
Appointments cost £99 and last about one and a half hours.

Everyone is different, but your professional relationships can be greatly improved in just two appointments.

How you can have hypnotherapy with Vic at Fantastic Day

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