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You deserve to be happy. 
Hypnotherapy at Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy can help.

Specialist hypnotherapy and coaching in Spalding, Lincolnshire and online. 

Why should you see a hypnotherapist?
A hypnotherapist might be good for you if:


You've got anxiety, depression, stress or PTSD

Anxiety is common and nothing to be ashamed of - but it can also control your life and ruin your future.

If you'd like to be free of your anxiety, Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy in Spalding and online can help you.

You're trying to kick an addiction or habit

It's not just cigarettes. People get addicted to food, social media, shopping, gambling, cheating... the list goes on.

Whether you prefer online hypnotherapy from Fantastic Day or you'd rather see me in person in Spalding, Lincs, UK, I can help you kick your habit once and for all.


You're struggling with a fear or phobia

A phobia is "an irrational fear" but whether you're scared of spiders or have a phobia of planes, fears and phobias can be crippling.

Hypnotherapy with me in person or online can help you be free!


You're finding relationships difficult

Past relationships will always colour future relationships, whether professional or romantic.

Hypnotherapy at Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy in Spalding (or anywhere online) can help you move on from toxic and negative relationships, easily.


You want to lose weight

With obesity on the increase, and a growing awareness of the health risks, it's no surprise that weight loss jabs, tablets and diet clubs are gaining in popularity again. But what if you could lose weight without injections, medication or seeing food as a "sin" or starving all day Tuesday because weigh in is that evening? Then you might be ready to try hypnotic weight loss - because the secret to losing weight is really in your mind! Hypnotherapy at Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy in Spalding (or anywhere online) can help you lose weight easily and healthily. 


Other issues

The list of issues hypnotherapy can help with is endless!

If you can describe it as "part of me wants to...but part of me doesn't!", chances are hypnotherapy at Fantastic Day Hypnotherapy can help you change your behaviour so you can do the stuff you want (without doing the the stuff you don't want to do!).

Ready to change your life?

I'm Vic, a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I've helped people just like you tap into the power of their unconscious mind to make powerful, positive, lasting changes to their life.


If you're struggling with hopelessness, fear or anxiety, whether it's when you look back at your past or forward to your future, I can help you.


I've helped many people change their lives, and I can help you too. Whatever the cause of your problems, I can help you find relief. And you won't be alone, because we'll make this journey together.

You can find out more about me, and whether I'm the best therapist for you, by clicking here.


All you need to do is make that first step, and contact me today.

How you can have hypnotherapy with Vic at Fantastic Day

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